ONLY $29/mo

  • Build a lasting relationship

Reward loyal customers.

  • No app required

Web based, no need to install an app.

  • Instant loyalty programs

No technical knowledge or third parties required.

  • Add-on websites

High end loyalty pages with registration.

  • Optimized for mobile

But works perfectly on tablets and desktops.

  • Detailed insights

Gain insight into what your customers want.

  • Segment your customers

Use segments to get more detailed analytics.

  • Little investment

Offer a quality loyalty program with little investment.

  • Reward loyalty

No technical knowledge or third parties required.

  • For any business

That wants their customers to come back.

Customers sign up and earn points

Merchants can activate up to four ways for customers to earn points.

Points can be redeemed for rewards

When a customer has earned enough points, a reward can be chosen.

Know your customers

Gain insight into who your customers are, and what they want.